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Corporate gifts, miniatures, large custom builds... no problem!

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No matter what your requirements, whether you are looking to reward your employee's with a custom bespoke Lego® set, or you want a display model of one of your big projects we can help.

Here at Brick Addict we can create a custom design, source all the genuine Lego® parts, create custom stickers to enhance your model, produce professional PDF instructions and even a box to your exacting requirements.

Contact us at for your custom quote.

Key Points

  • Ease of process. You agree a price for your requirements, we then take care of everything. You receive the original instructions plus the parts without any more work on your side.

  • 100% Genuine LEGO®We only use genuine LEGO® parts taken directly from unopened LEGO® sets, bought from 3rd party resellers or LEGO® themselves.

  • Excellent customer service. The one thing that makes our business is our customers, so we do everything we can to make your experience an enjoyable one.

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